Water Cooled TIG Torch - 3-Piece Cable - INLINE Gas Dinse 35-70 Connector (Welders with Gas Solenoid)

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  • Fully assembled Water-Cooled TIG Torch, designed for welders with Dinse 35-70 ConnectorSÜAnd INLINE gas connection. Available Amperage: 250 Amp (20 Series) and 350 Amp (18 Series) Select your option from the menu.
  • Dinse connector comes with 18" return water hose with 5/8"-18 LH Male Fitting and 18" Argon hose with 5/8"-18 RH Male Fitting (Please check Picture #2 and #3 for dimensionSÜAnd Table in Picture #4 for a list of compatible welders)
  • Available with 12.5 or 25 feet Cable and Straight or Flexible Head. Select your option from the menu.
  • Accessory Kit and Heavy-Duty Nylon Cable Cover are Included
  • One 11N17 Argon Coupler is included to connect the argon hose. Other accessories might be needed to connect the flowmeter and water recirculation. See the last two pictures for additional itemSÜAvailable.