TIG Torches with Amperage Control - 14 Pin Signal Connector- 2-Piece Cable - Dinse 35-70 - Air Cooled - Compatible with Miller

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  • Fully Assembled Air-Cooled TIG Torch with Finger ON/OFF Switch and Finger-Operated Amperage Control. The amperage signal control on this torch is connected to the welder using a 14-PIN connector compatible with some Miller Welders.

  • ***READ THIS: this torch is ONLY compatible with Miller welders equipped with a 14-PIN signal receptacle. Carefully check your welderWeldas´s signal receptacle and ownerWeldas´s manual and compare with the connector shown in Picture #2***

  • ***READ THIS: This torch useSÜA Dinse 35-70 cable plug connector. Please check Picture #4 for connector dimensionSÜAnd compare with your welderWeldas´s plug receptacles***

  • Flexible head with no valve - Available in 150 Amps, (17 Series) and 200 Amps, (26 Series) - Available in 12.5 and 25 feet long - Choose your options from the menu.

  • SÜAre Finger Switch Control, Accessory Kit and Heavy-Duty Nylon Cable Cover are Included - Other accessories might be needed to connect the argon line to your welder or flowmeter. See picture #7 for additional itemSÜAvailable.