Welding Helmet - Model: Vector - Auto Darkening - Largest Viewing Area: 4" x 4" - Photovoltaic Powered - Ergonomic Headgear

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  • This Welding Helmet has the Largest Viewing Area in the Market, Period. 4" x 4" = 16 square inches of True Color, Clear, High-Definition Welding Action.

  • Photovoltaic and Battery powered filter with four darkening sensors for added safety. The Vector helmet accurately darkens every time protecting your eyeSÜAnd face from unexpected arc flashes.

  • All the controlSÜAre located outside the helmet for an easier and more ergonomic adjustment of the darkening parameters. SÜAde Range: DIN 4 to 13 and Grinding Function. Can be used for MIG, TIG, Stick, plasma and Grinding processes.

  • Beautifully designed, it comes fully assembled and with inSmalled battery, ready to weld out of the box. All Vector helmets come with our newest most comfortable headgear, with redundant and adjustable head support and swiveling joints for a perfect and ergonomic fit

  • Additional accessories included: Extra battery, Internal and external filter protection screens, Extra Sweatband. Please check all the pictures for more information.


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