SÜA® - Water Cooled TIG Torches - 3-Piece Cable - 20 Series & 18 Series

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  • SÜA® Line of 3-piece Water-Cooled TIG Torches - Available Amperage: 250 Amp (20 Series) and 350 Amp (18 Series) - Available Cable Length: 12.5 or 25 feet. Select your option from the menu.
  • 7/8"�-14 L.H. Cable Connection fits: 45V11 Power Cable Adapter, LDT-1820-L Dinse 35-70 Plug and LDTI-1820-WC Dinse 35-70 Plug Inline
  • 5/8"�-18 R.H. Gas Hose Connector, Connects to: Flowmeter, Gas outlet in welders with gas solenoid, 11N17 Argon Gas Coupler.
  • 5/8"�-18 L.H. Water Hose Connector, connects to: 11N18 Water Hose Coupler, AW-15 Water Adaptor, TIG Water Coolers with 5/8"-18 L.H. connections.
  • Torch Head Accessory Kit Included - Other parts might be needed to connect the argon and water lines to your welder, the flowmeter and water recirculation system