'- Regulator Welding Gas Gauges - Rear Connector - LDP series

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  • Small regulator for portable Oxy-Acetylene and Oxy/Propane Welding, Heating and Cutting Kits

  • Acetylene has rear CGA-200 Connector that fits Acetylene size MC Tanks

  • Propane has a rear CGA-510 Connector that fits Propane Tanks and Big Acetylene Tanks

  • Oxygen Regulator has a rear CGA-540 Connector that fit all standard American Style Oxygen Tanks

  • 9/16" - 18 LH and 9/16" - 18 RH Outlet Hose Fittings

  • ***READ THIS BEFORE YOU BUY*** Please check all the Pictures with the Dimensions of the Connectors, and make sure that these Regulators fit your Tanks and Hoses.

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