SÃœA - Oxyfuel Size "B" Regulator/Torch to Size "A" Hose Adaptor

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  • These adaptors are used to connect Regulators/Torches with "B" Size connectors to smaller Welding Hoses with "A" Size connectors.
  • "B" Size connectors thread measures 9/16"-18, and "A" Size connectors thread measures 3/8"-24
  • These connectors are: 9/16"-18 (B) Female x 3/8"-24 (A) Male
  • Available for Oxygen, Acetylene/Propane, and as a Pair. Choose the one you need from the Gas Type menu options.
  • ***READ THIS BEFORE YOU BUY*** Carefully measure the connectors on your regulator/torch and hoses and check the drawings with the dimensions and description on Picture #2. Make sure they will fit.