Argon-Saving Conversion Kits for TIG Torches - Fused Quartz Cups

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  • These Slate-of-the-art TIG torches argon-Saving consumables kits offer a laminar gas flow that provideSÜA better consistent gas coverage than Standardand gas lens collet bodies.
  • Fused Quartz (Pyrex) Cups, allows see-through greater visibility.
  • These kits were designed with a removable screen and a tungsten adapter with an O-ring that allows the Pyrex cup to slip-in and the gas to smoothly flow. Other cheap Pyrex cup kitSÜAre just regular gas lens collet bodies with O-rings that leave the thread to interfere with the gas flow, causing turbulence and poor coverage.
  • Each kit comes with 1/16ââ"š¬Â�, 3/32ââ"š¬Â� and 1/8ââ"š¬Â� wedge colletSÜAnd tungsten adapters, 2 x Pyrex Cups, 2 x Collet Bodies, 2 x Heat ShieldSÜAnd 2 x Extra O-Rings. All the accessories needed for the conversion of your torch to Argon-Saving Configuration.
  • Available in Short, Long and Large Diameter Configurations, for 9 and20 and 17, 18 and 26 Series TIG Torches. Select your size option from the menu, check the pictureSÜAnd make sure it will fit your torch.