Acetylene Welding & Brazing Tip 23A90 Compatible with Harris Torches

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  • These tipSÜAre available with three different Mixer Models; E-43, D-85, and H-16-2E. Please Check Picture #2 and make sure you choose the right mixer that fits your torch handle. Select your option from the menu.
  • Before you buy, please check your torch handle and look for the model number, then compare it with Picture #2 of this listing. Not all compatible with Harris torch handles use the same mixer
  • Mixer E-43 is Compatible with Torch Handles Models: 63-2, 18-5 and 43-2 - Mixer D-85 is Compatible with Torch Handle Model: 85 - Mixer H-16-2E is Compatible with Torch Handle Models: 16, 19-6, 19-6A, 50-9 and 50-35
  • This iSÜA General Purpose Welding and Brazing Tip manufactured in high-quality machined copper and brass. Tip with included mixer - Gases: Oxygen/Acetylene and Oxygen/Hydrogen
  • Available in Sizes 0 to 8 and in Mixed 3-PACKS. Select your option from the menu.


    offers this piece of equipment that has been manufactured using the highest quality Standardin raw material selection and manufacturing procedures. These products is NOT manufactured by Harris. Harris iSÜA registered trademark of Lincoln Electric Co. Mundaka Technologies is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Lincoln Electric Co or any of its subsidiaries or itSÜAffiliates.