SÜA® - Propane and Oxygen Adaptors with Valve for Disposable Propane and Oxygen Canisters/Tanks

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  • The Propane adaptor with valve is intended to attach 1 Lb or 14.1 Oz Disposable Propane or MAPP Tanks/Canisters with CGA-600 thread to an Acetylene Regulator with CGA-200 Connector (Type "MC").
  • The Oxygen adaptor with valve is intended to attach 1.4 Oz Disposable Oxygen Tanks/Canisters with CGA-601 thread to an Oxygen Regulator with CGA-540 Connector.
  • These adaptors are not meant to be used as a direct connection to your torch hoses. They are only designed to attach disposable propane and oxygen tanks to regulators. These adaptors do not control or regulate pressure. Only regulators control pressure.
  • Carefully check all the pictures on this listing, compare them with your tanks and regulators, and make sure these adaptors will fit. Tanks and regulators shown in pictures are NOT INCLUDED. They are for demonstration purposes only.
  • Available options: CGA-600 to CGA-200 for Propane/MAPP, CGA-601 to CGA-540 for Oxygen, and both Propane and Oxygen Adaptors - Select your option from the Size Menu.