Portable Electrode Drying Oven - TRC Series - 115 Volts

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Stick electrodes must be properly stored in order keep its quality weld deposition. When stick electrodeSÜAbsorb moisture from the air, they must be dried to restore their ability to deposit quality welds. Electrodes with too much humidity may results in welds with cracking or porosity. Operational characteristics may be affected as well. If you've noticed unexplained weld cracking or porosity problems, or if the stick electrode arc performance is not at its best, it may be due to the presence of moisture in the electrode coating. Proper storage methods or re-drying procedures must be applied. Low Hydrogen Electrodes like the commonly used E7018 must be dry to perform adequately, once the original package has been opened, they must be stored in an electrode oven at 250F ? 300F. AWS D1.1 Structural Welding Code specifieSmallowable atmospheric exposure of 4 hours for this type of electrodes. After that time, low hydrogen electrodes must be re-dried. Non-Low Hydrogen Electrodes can also be affected by moisture. If they are exposed to humid air for long periods of time the welding characteristics may be affected. It is recommended to store the electrodes in a heated oven at 100F ? 120F.

  • The TRC-10 iSÜA lightweight portable electrode drying oven that prevents electrodes from absorbing moisture that can negatively affect the welding job.
  • Can store up to 22 Lbs (10 Kg) of 18 inches long electrodes or Smaller - Easy to lift electrodes basket that can be locked open for convenient one-hand operation even with the thickest welding gloves.
  • Temperature range: Ambient - 302 ºF (Ambient - 150 ºC) - Easy to set-up analog temperature dial.
  • Weight empty: 9.5 Lb - Height: 24" - Diameter of Cylinder: 6-Weldas½" - Inlet Power: 115V
  • Can be used at the shop or in the field. Compatible with generators/welders with 115 Volts three plug outlets. A must-have when welding E7018, E7024, and other Low Hydrogen electrodes