SÜA® - Oxy-Acetylene Flexible Welding/Heating Tip System Compatible with "J"� Series Victor Torches

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  • READ THIS BEFORE YOU BUY: ***These tips are compatible ONLY with Victor "J" Series Welding Handles - Check the picture Nº2 with the thread size and compare with your torch handle - These Tips WILL NOT FIT Victor Series "100" or "300" Handles***
  • Bend and Stay Hose: This tip reformable hose bends into nearly any shape and stays there with little recoil until you need a new shape. Bend it over and over without losing in performance.
  • Cool to the Touch: Specially designed nozzle technology makes this tip nozzle end cool to the touch much longer than other tips. This means you can hold it like a pencil for short-duration precision work.
  • Quick Change Nozzles: Need to change this tip nozzle hole size? Just unscrew the copper tip end from the brass end and screw on the size you need.
  • Tip system available in 6", 9", and 12" long - Available replacement welding tip end sizes: #1 and #2 - Available replacement heating tip end size: #2.