Heavy Duty Straight Cutting Torch Set - Compatible with Harris

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  • 18 or 25 inches - Die Forged Brass Heavy Duty Torch Compatible with Harris.
  • Uses Series 6290 Acetylene and 6290NX Propane Cutting Tips - Gas Service: Oxygen and Propane with appropriate tips.
  • Includes Oxygen and Acetylene/Propane 25HX Series Regulators.
  • Can cut up to 3" (76 mm), with included tip and up to 8" (203 mm), with additional tips. See tip chart for reference.
  • Torch Weight: 3 Lb - Includes Torch and Regulators flashback arrestors for additional safety.
  • Choose from our Grade Welding Hoses: 25, 50 or 100 feet

Medium/Heavy Duty Oxy-Fuel Cutter Combo Includes: Oxygen and Propane/Propylene 25 or 18 inches Cutting Torch, Uses Harris Style Cutting Tips 6290-NX/6290-NXP, Heavy Duty, Gas Inlets 9/16" - 18 RL, 25HX Series Oxygen Regulator, CGA-540 Inlet Fitting, 9/16" - 18 RH Outlet Fitting , Max Inlet Pressure: 3000 psi, Delivery Pressure Range: 0-145 psi, 25HX Series LPG Regulator, CGA-510 Inlet Fitting, 9/16" - 18 LH Outlet Fitting , Max Inlet Pressure: 300 psi, Delivery Pressure Range: 0-15 psi, RegulatorSÜA®nd Torch Flashback Arrestors Models 118 & 288, Max Pressure 210 psi / 15 Bar, Manufactured to comply with EN730 Quality SÜA®ndards., SÜA®ndard 9/16" - 18 L & 9/16" - 18 R connectors, and 6290-3 or 6290NX-3 Cutting Tip.

offers this piece of equipment that has been manufactured using the highest quality SÜA®ndard in raw material selection and manufacturing procedures. This product is NOT manufactured by HarriSÜA®nd it does not resemble any equipment manufactured by Harris. Harris® iSÜA® registered trademark of Lincoln Electric. Mundaka Technologies is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Lincoln Electric or any of its subsidiaries or itSÜA®ffiliates.