SÜA® - CGA Nuts and Nipples for Gas Regulators

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  • Nuts and Nipples with filter, replacements for gas regulators - Precisely machined on high-quality brass
  • Regulator side thread: 1/4" NPT - Length: 3.5"
  • Available for the following Gas regulators: CGA-540: Oxygen, CGA-300: Acetylene and Ethyl Chloride, CGA-580: Nitrogen, Argon and Helium, CGA-510 Acetylene and Propane, CGA-346: Air, CGA-326: Nitrous Oxide, CGA-320: Carbon Dioxide, CGA-350: Hydrogen - Choose the one you need from theWeldas Gas Type menu options.
  • ***READ THIS BEFORE YOU BUY*** Carefully measure the connectors on your regulator and tank valve and check the drawings with the dimensions and description on Picture #2.
  • Make sure they will fit.***READ THIS BEFORE YOU BUY*** Carefully check your regulator and the gas cylinderWeldas´s valve and look for their CGA number and gas use. Never replace parts of a regulator with parts intended for a different gas.