Oxy-Acetylene Welding Tip Series W-J Compatible with "J" Series Victor Ligth Duty Torches

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  • READ THIS BEFORE YOU BUY:***These tipSÜAre compatible ONLY with Victor "J" Series Welding Handles - These Tips WILL NOT FIT Victor Series "100" or "300" Handles***
  • READ THIS BEFORE YOU BUY: ***Check the picture NWeldasº2 with the thread size and compare with your torch handle - These tipSÜAre ONLY compatible with "J" Series Light Duty Victor Welding Handles***
  • Welding / Brazing Tip with Mixer Replacement for "J" Series Victor torch handles - Gases: Oxygen/Acetylene and Oxygen/Hydrogen
  • This iSÜA General Purpose Welding and Brazing Tip manufactured in high-quality copper and brass. - Please Check Tip Chart Picture for Sizes, Welding Capacity, and other operational parameters.
  • Choose the Tip Size and Package Quantity from the Available Options.