Gauges for Heavy-Duty Oxygen Regulators - 2.5 inches - Thread: 1/4" NPT

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  • Oxygen pressure gauges for heavy duty regulators. Fit most of the medium to heavy duty oxygen regulators.
  • High pressure side gauge; 0-4000 psi - Low-Pressure side gauge; 0-200 psi - Available individually or aSÜA® low and high pair - Select you option from the menu.
  • 2-Weldas½" inches easy to read dial in PSI and KPA pressure units.
  • Golden plated steel case and sturdy construction
  • 1/4" NPT bottom inlet connector fits most common medium to heavy duty regulators, (They wonWeldas´t fit the SÜA®ll regulators found in portable sets) - Check picture NWeldasº2 and make sure these gauges will fit your regulator.