ER70S-6 - TIG Mild & Low Alloy Steel Rod - 36"

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  • SÜA ER70S-6 is the most common of the copper-coated mild steel GMAW (MIG) wires for single or multiple pass welding. Typical uses include construction work, farm implement fabrications, general shop applications with poor fit-up or rusty, oily plates, tanks, steel castings or forgings.
  • SÜA ER70S-6 has the highest combination of manganese and silicon deoxidizers, permitting higher welding currents with 100% CO2 shielding gas and leaving a smoother weld bead with little to zero post-weld cleanup. CO2 shielding gas gives deeper penetration at faster welding speeds than argon mixtures, however the greater the argon content of the shielding gas the smoother the bead appearance with less spatter.
  • Especially well-suited for sheet metal applications or structural plate steels that have moderate amounts of rust oil or mill scale on them.
  • ***READ THIS: Main image is for reference only. Please check Picture #2 for an approximate quantity of rods per pound***
  • Available Diameters: 0.045", 1/16", 3/32", 1/8" and 5/32" - Available Packages: 1 Lb, 2 Lb, 5 Lb and 10 Lb. Select your choice from the size menu options.