ER70S-6 - MIG Mild & Low Alloy Steel Wire - 11 Lb

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ER70S-6 - MIG Mild & Low Alloy Steel Wire - 11 Lb

  • ER70S-6 is the most common of the copper-coated mild steel GMAW (MIG) wires for single or multiple pass welding

  • ER70S-6 has the highest combination of manganese and silicon deoxidizers, permitting higher welding currents with 100% CO2 shielding gas and leaving a smoother weld bead with little to zero post-weld cleanup.

  • Copper-plated and layer wound. Especially well suited for sheet metal applications or structural plate steels that have moderate amounts of rust oil or mill scale on them

  • Common uses include construction work, farm implement fabrications, general shop applications with poor fit-up or rusty, oily plates, tanks, steel castings or forgings

  • Available Diameters: 0.023", 0.030", 0.035"and 0.045" - Available Spool Packages: 1 Spool and 2 Spool