ER316L - MIG Stainless Steel Wire - 2 Lb

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  • For welding 18% chromium "“ 12% nickel "“ 2½% molybdenum austenitic stainless steels such as 316 and 317 but with a low ferrite (i.e. FN2) it can also be used for welding 304/304L to 316/316L stainless steels in cryogenic service at temperatures down to -452 °F.
  • The maximum carbon content of less than 0.03% preserves the intergranular corrosion-resistant properties of the weld deposit and weld zone, yielding x-ray quality welds.
  • The 2½% molybdenum content of 316L gives the weld deposit excellent corrosion resistance at elevated temperatures against "pitting"� that may be caused by sulfuric, phosphoric and acetic acids.
  • Common applications include equipment that manufactures rayon, dye, paper, ink, rubber, bleach, photographic chemicals and on the sealing faces of valves and fittings for acid, gas, water and steam equipment.
  • Spool Weight: 2 Lb of Wire - Available Sizes: 0.025", 0.030"and 0.035" - Spool Quantity Packs: 1 Spool, 2 Spools, 4 Spools, and 6 Spools.
  • For shielding gas use 100% Argon or Argon/Helium for greater penetration and higher speeds