ER309L - TIG Stainless Steel Rod - 36"

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  • For welding heat resistant 22-25% chromium €ââ"š¬Å" 12-13% nickel Stainless steels such as 309/309L to itself, to other austenitic Cr €ââ"š¬Å" Ni grades such as 304L, 308L, 310, 316L, 321 or 347 as well as martensitic grades such as 410, 420, 431, and ferritic Stainless grades such as 430, 442, and 446; all of these Stainless steel grades can be welded to each other or to mild and carbon steels
  • The maximum carbon content of less than 0.03% preserves the intergranular corrosion resistant properties of the weld deposit and weld zone, yielding x-ray quality welds
  • Common applications of 309L Stainless include welding of dissimilar steels or overlaying unalloyed structural steels found in furnace parts, kiln linings, heat treatment containers, forgingSÜAnd castings in chemical, petrochemical, power generation and pharmaceutical industries
  • Recommended TIG Welding Parameters - DCEN (DC-) - Shielding gas use 100% Argon or Argon/Helium for greater penetration and higher speeds - Tungsten use 2% Thoriated, 2% Ceriated, 2% or 1.5% Lanthanated or Rare Earth
  • Available Sizes: 0.045", 1/16", 3/32", and 1/8" - Available Packages: 1 Lb, 2 Lb, 5 Lb and 10Lb - Choose from the menu.