ER308L - MIG Stainless Steel Welding Wire - 10 Lb

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ER308L - WIRE - MIG (GMAW) - STAINLESS STEEL AWS A5.9 Welding Positions: All INTRODUCTION: The main component of 308L is ultra-low C-18Cr-8Ni, it is MIG wires that are widely used in welding austenitic stainless steel and it is all position welding. The weld-ability is good. Feeding wire smoothly will enable stable arc, excellent welding performance and spatter is very low. Ferrite in the deposited metal enables excellent corrosion-resistance and crack-resistance. USES: It is widely used in petrochemical, pressure vessel, food processing machinery, medical equipment, chemical fertilizer equipment, textile machinery, nuclear reactor such as 022Cr19Ni10 (SUS 304L) and other materials of welding. CHEMICAL COMPOSITION (%): Chemical Composition C Mn Si Cr Ni Requirement ?0.030 1.00~2.50 0.30~0.65 19.50~22.00 9.00~11.00 Typical test result 0.023 1.63 0.40 20.12 10.35 Chemical Composition Mo P S Cu Requirement ?0.75 ?0.030 ?0.030 ?0.75 Typical test result 0.37 0.37 0.37 0.37 WELDING PARAMETERS (DC+): Diameter (mm) ?0.8 ?1.0 ?1.2 Welding Current (Amps) 70~150 100~200 140~220 NOTES: 1. Shield gas: Must ensure not to operate with impurity shield Gas, Recommended Rate of mixed gas: Ar + 1-3% O2. 2. Operation flow rate of shield gas: 20-25L/min. 3. Electrode extension: 15-25mm 4. The welding should be operated in clean surface without rust, moist, oil contamination and dust. 5. To avoid bubbles protect from wind its speed reach 1.5 m/s. The above parameters are for reference purpose and depend on diverse factors. Run tests, evaluate and set your welding parameters before starting the welding job.

  • General purpose Stainless Stell MIG Wire
  • Every Package comes with Material Certification
  • The main component of 308L is C-18Cr-8Ni
  • USES: Petrochemical, pressure vessels, food processing machinery, medical equipment, etc
  • 11 Lb Spool