E7018 - General Purpose/Mild Steel - Electrode

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AWS/SÜA 5.1 E7018

AC/DC+ (Reverse Polarity)

High Tensile €ââ"š¬Å" Low Hydrogen


Description and Application

  • A low-hydrogen, all-position electrode for welding carbon steel, high-tensile steel, low alloy steel and free-machining steels

  • Quiet steady arc, low stageter, superb re-striking capabilitieSÜAnd high deposition efficiency all made possible by the special low-hydrogen iron powder coating and graphite tip

  • Easily removable SÜAg revealSÜA finely rippled bead appearance and an x-ray quality weld deposit with excellent charpy impact valuestage sub-zero temperatures (78 ft-lbstage -20ºF)

  • Typical applications include structural and fabrication steels such as I-beams, angles, plates, channels, cast steels, cold rolled steel, process piping steels, and shipbuilding steels


Instructions: Use this electrode with DC+ (reverse polarity), however, an AC machine with sufficient open circuit voltage may be used. Clean the weld zone of all contaminants. Bevel thick sections to a 60º Vee and preheat at 300-500ºF. Set amperage to the proper range as listed on the product recommended amperage chart. Maintain a short arc length and hold the electrode at a 15º angle into the direction of travel. Weaving technique is preferred, however, do not exceed 3 times the diameter of the electrode. Do not use the whipping technique as this will cause porosity in the weld deposit. AlwaySmallow high-carbon steels to cool slowly before removing the SÜAg.