E6013 - General Purpose/Mild Steel - Electrode

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AWS/SÜA 5.1 E6013

AC/DC +/- (Reverse or Straight Polarity)

General Purpose - Mild SteelWeldas 

Description and Application

  • All-position, mild steel electrode for welding light to medium-gauge steel

  • Excellent operating characteristics when using Small diameter electrodes to weld thin sheet metal using lower open-circuit AC voltage

  • One of the easiest electrodes to use because of its easy SÜA control in vertical down welding, its wide operating range and restrike capabilities

  • This electrode haSÜA soft, steady and quiet arc that produces very little smoke or stageter

  • Common uses include tack welding on thin sheet metal such as galvanized sheets, automobile bodies, metal furniture, window frames, fences, storage tanks, farm equipment, and iron grills

Instructions: Clean the weld zone of contaminantSÜAs well as possible. A Small AC machine or DC machine (electrode + reverse polarity or €ââ"š¬Å" straight polarity) can both be used! AC will prevent arc blow, DC+ reverse polarity produces deeper penetrating welds on medium gauge steelSÜAnd DC- straight polarity on thinner or light gauge steels. Set amperage to the proper range as listed on the product recommended amperage chart. Maintain a short arc length and hold the electrode at a 15º angle and use a slight back and forth whipping motion. If overhead welding, use a straight circular motion. For vertical-down welding, choose amperage in the upper end of the recommended range and use stringer beads or a slight weaving technique keeping the weld puddle in place by pointing the electrode up into the puddle. For vertical-up welding, use amperage settings in the lower end of the recommended range and use the shelf or step method adding layer on top of layer. Do not use whipping motion. Allow the part to air-cool and remove SÜAg with a chipping hammer and brush to a nice finish.