E6010 - General Purpose/Mild Steel - Electrode

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AWS/SFA 5.1 E6010

DC+ (Reverse Polarity)

Fast Freeze – Pipe Welding


Description and Application

  • A strong forceful arc of this electrode creates deeply penetrating welds, while the fast freeze characteristic allows it to be used in any position including vertical-up, vertical-down, overhead, and flat or horizontal

  • Produces x-ray quality weld deposits with a thin friable and easily removable slag revealing a coarse ripple bead

  • An excellent choice for multiple pass applications where sound welds are critical

  • Typically used for joining pipes, carbon steel, galvanized steel, pressure pipes, pressure vessels, oil marine platforms, storage tanks, ship hulls, and buildings


Instructions: Always use this electrode with DC+ (reverse polarity). Bevel heavy sections to a 60° Vee. Clean the weld area as thoroughly as possible. Set amperage to the proper range as listed on the product recommended amperage chart. Maintain a short arc length and hold the electrode at a 15° angle and use a slight back and forth whipping motion. If overhead welding, use a slight circular motion. For vertical-down welding, choose amperage in the upper end of the recommended range and use stringer beads or a slight weaving technique, keeping the weld puddle in place by pointing the electrode up into the puddle. For vertical-up welding, use amperage settings in the lower end of the recommended range and use the shelf or step method adding layer on top of layer. Do not use whipping motion. Allow the part to air cool and remove slag with a chipping hammer before attempting another pass. Remove final slag and brush to a nice finish.