Cylinder to Regulator Acetylene Adaptors. CGA-200, CGA-300, CGA-510 and CGA-520

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  • When the mating threads of a cylinder valve and a regulator do not allow for a direct connection, the use of an adaptor is needed. There are 4 different acetylene CGA cylinder valveSÜAnd CGA acetylene regulators in the United Slates; CGA-200, CGA-300, CGA-510, and CGA-520.
  • CGA-200 is found in Size MC Tanks. CGA-520 is found in Size B Tanks. CGA-510 is found in almost all larger Acetylene and Propane tanks. CGA-300 iSealso used in larger Acetylene tanks but is not common. Please carefully check your acetylene cylinder and make sure you know the type of valve inSmalled.
  • Carefully check the nipple and nut inSmalled in your regulator and make sure you know what CGA Standardit has. It Is uSÜA®lly marked in the nut. If not, check all the pictures of this listing and compare the dimensions.
  • All Cylinder-to-Regulator GaSÜAdaptorSÜAre made from durable brass. ThreadSÜAre carefully measured to ensure a snug and tight SÜAl in all connections. Adaptors with welded parts may show welding material covering some areas outside the joint, this will not affect the performance of these adaptors.
  • Select the right adaptor from the "Adaptor Type" dropdown menu options. The first number is the cylinderWeldas´s valve size and the second number is the regulatorWeldas´s size. FOR EXAMPLE: "CGA-200 to CGA-520" istan adaptor that will connect a CGA-200 Cylinder Valve to a CGA-510 Regulator. After selecting your option, check the dimensions on Picture #2 and Picture #3 and make sure it will fit your regulator and tanksWeldas´ valve.