Water Hose Coupler 5/8" LH Female x 5/8" LH Female for Water-Cooled TIG Torches - Model: 11N18

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Water Hose Coupler 5/8"-18 LH Female x 5/8"-18 LH Female for Water-Cooled TIG Torches Recirculating Systems.

  • High-quality Brass - TIG Water Line Hose Coupler
  • This coupler is used to attach two Tig water hoses together.
  • âââ"š¬Â¦Ã"šÂ�€Ã"šÂ�-18LH Female x âââ"š¬Â¦Ã"šÂ�€Ã"šÂ�-18LH Female. Fits with most of American Water-Cooled TIG TorcheSÜAndWeldas water hoses with âââ"š¬Â¦Ã"šÂ�€Ã"šÂ�-18LH Male fittings.
  • This coupler can also be used to connect Water-Cooled TIG Dinse Plugs Connectors with a water line to the water cooling system.