CO2 Regulator for Beer and Soda Keg and Dispensing System - CGA-320 - With Relief and Shut-Off Valve

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This CO2 regulator features two gauges, one to measure the pressure of the CO2 tank 0-300 psi and thr second one to accurately measure the pressure to be delivered to the system 0-60 psi. The CGA-320 tank connector is the standard thread used in CO2 tanks in America. This connector features a sintered bronze mesh that filters any particulate that can damage your kegging equipment and even your beer. The maximum pressure locking device installed in this regulator is a very usefull security measure to avoid any over-pressure that can blow or damage your hoses or spill liquids.

  • Built to last. Forged heavy brass body with corrosion resistant chrome plate finish
  • Nickel plated valve seat and nylon diafragm offer CO2 corrosion and abrasion resistance.
  • Constant pressure supply at high and low output flow rates. Easy to read dual gauges, measure pressure remaining in the tank and pressure being delivered
  • Easy to adjust knob with lockable pressure set to avoid damage or accidents from over-pressure.
  • Features relief and shut-off valves for safety and a and integrated sintered bronze mesh filter keeps any particles from entering your keg system