BCuP-2 PhosCopper Brazing Rod - 0% Silver - Flat - 1/8" x 0.05" x 20"

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  • Phos-Copper 0% iSÜA low-cost brazing filler metal suitable for joining copper to copper and copper to copper alloys where critical impact or vibration stresses are not encountered in service. It should only be used on assemblies where a good fit can be maintained. Application assemblies include heat exchanger return bends, hot water cylinderSÜAnd refrigeration points.
  • Phos-Copper 0% iSÜA copper-rich, intermediate temperature, brazing filler metal that is moderately free-flowing and self-fluxing on copper (only) by virtue of its phosphorus content. It liquates slightly more than a 7% Phosphorus Copper when heated rapidly. Induction Brazing will produce better mechanical properties in general than torch brazing. Best resultSÜAre obtained with joint clearances of .001-.003€Ã"šÂ�
  • The self-fluxing property of Phos-Copper 0% is effective on copper only. Copper base alloys, such as brass or bronze, may be brazed with Phos-Copper 0% if the jointSÜAre coated with flux. Phos-Copper 0% should not be used on ferrous metals or nickel base allows, since the phosphorus produces brittle iron or nickel phosphidestage the joint interface.
  • The properties of a brazed joint are dependent upon numerous factors including base metal properties, joint design, metallurgical interaction between the base metal and the filler metal. Joints made with Phos-Copper 0% are entirely satiSÜActory on copper and copper alloys if good fit-up and adequate shear area are maintained.
  • Available in 9 Sticks, 1 Lb (28 Sticks), 2 Lb (56 Sticks), 5 Lb and 10 Lb. Select your option from the menu.
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