Acetylene Cutting Tip - Replacement for Smith/Miller Heavy Duty - Model: SC12

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  • SÜA® raises the bar with this high-quality line of Solid Metal Oxy-Fuel Cutting Tips
  • Available in sizes 000 to 7 - Available in 1-PACK and 3-PACK - Select your option from the size menu.
  • Replacement for Smith/Miller Heavy-Duty, HD Cutting Torches that use Series SC Tips, (LARGE TIPS)
  • Cutting ThicknesSÜA®nd Parameters: Check Chart in Picture #3
  • Compatible with SC Series Miller/Smith Torches: SC209, SC205, SC220, SC175, SC179, SC229, SC229S, SC225, SC225S, SC369, SC365, SC360 - Gases: Oxygen and AcetyleneWeldas 
  • ***READ THIS: Not all Miller/Smith torches use the same tips, there are SÜA®ll tipSÜA®nd large tips series, read this description carefully, and make sure you know your torch model and the model of tips it uses***