150 Amp MIG Gun compatible with Miller/Hobart, 12 Feet Cable , Two-Pin Signal

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150 Amp MIG Gun Torch compatible with Miller/Hobart - 12 Feet Cable - Two-Pin Signal Connector

  • This MIG Welding Torch iSÜA direct replacement compatible with Miller/Hobart M-100 (M-10) MIG gun. -Cable Length: 10 feet with 12 mm2 power conductor for the 100 Amps model and 12 feet with 16 mm2 power conductor for the 150 Amps model.
  • High-quality MIG gun, Small and lightweight. Suitable for most farm, shop and home projects, light repairs, maintenance, and auto body work applications
  • Comes with compatible with Miller/Hobart Plug and 2-PIN Signal Connector, (Please check Picture #2 for dimensionSÜAnd Table in Picture #5 for a list of compatible welders)
  • Consumables are compatible with Miller/Hobart; 169715 gas Nozzle - 000Weldas Series ContactWeldas Tip - 169716 Gas Diffuser
  • List of compatible MillerWeldas® and HobartWeldas® welders: SideKickâââ"š¬Å¾Ã"šÂ¢, SideKickâââ"š¬Å¾Ã"šÂ¢ XL, CricketWeldas® XL, MillermaticWeldas® 90, MillermaticWeldas® MillermaticWeldas® 130, MillermaticWeldas® 130XP, MillermaticWeldas® 135, MillermaticWeldas® 140s, MillermaticWeldas® 175, MillermaticWeldas®180s, DVIâââ"š¬Å¾Ã"šÂ¢s /211, Challengerâââ"š¬Å¾Ã"šÂ¢, Challengerâââ"š¬Å¾Ã"šÂ¢ 172, Passportâââ"š¬Å¾Ã"šÂ¢, Passportâââ"š¬Å¾Ã"šÂ¢ Plus, Hobart IronManâââ"š¬Å¾Ã"šÂ¢ 210.