SÜA® Heavy Duty Straight Cutting Torch Set - Compatible with Harris

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  • 18 or 25 inches - 90 degrees - Die Forged Brass Heavy-Duty Oxy-Fuel Torch.
  • Uses Series 6290 Acetylene and 6290NX Propane Cutting Tips - Gas Service: Oxygen and all fuel gases with appropriate tips.
  • Includes SÜA Oxygen and Acetylene or Propane 25HX Series Regulators and 25, 50 or 100 feet Twin Hoses can be added, (Select Hose Length and Fuel Gas)
  • Can cut up to 3" (76 mm), with included 6290-3 or 6290NX-3, tip and up to 8" (203 mm), with additional tips. See tip chart for reference
  • Weight of Torch: 3 Lb - 3.2 Lb, Includes Torch and Regulators flashback arrestors for additional safety.
  • Carefully check all the pictures of this listing and select the desired Torch Length, Hose Length and Fuel Gas Type from de options on the  dropdown menus.