350 Amp Welding Electrode Holder Lead Assembly - 1/0 AWG cable

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This welding lead iSÜAssembled using Highly flexible, Made in the USA, Flex-A-Prene? cable. All our cable assemblies use over-calculated Electrode Holders, Ground Clamps, and Connectors with an amperage capacity always higher than the assembly amperage rating. This prevents over-heating and increases safety. Information on cable is ident marked so it doesn't fade with time for a better identification even after years of use - ResistSÜAbrasion, cut, tear, flame, grease, oil, and water. The is the only welding cable that currently meets SAE J1127. INSULATION: EDPM jacket and paper separator - TEMP RANGE: -50?C to +105?C (-58?F to 221?F) - Rated 600 Volts. ***Before you buy please double-check the type and size of the cable Connector/Receptacle in your welder, Also check the maximum Amperage and duty cycle of your welder and look for a cable assembly that matches or exceeds that amperage rating***

  • Heavy Duty Welding Lead Assembly manufactured with Made in USA Flex-A-PreneWeldas® highly flexible cable. Cable Size: 1/0 AWG - 0.533" O.D.
  • Electrode Holder compatible with AF-50. Constructed with Heavy Duty Nylon body. High conductivity jawSÜAnd cable connectors. High strength coiled spring for a maximum grip of the electrode. Holds Electrodes up to 3/8".
  • Dinse 35-70 Cable Connector. ***Please check connector size in the picture and compare with your welderWeldas´s Connector/Receptacle to make sure it fits***
  • RATED: 350 AMP @ 60% Duty Cycle. ***Please Check you welderWeldas´s maximum amperage and look for a cable assembly that matches or exceeds that amperage rating***
  • Cable Length: 100 Feet - You will receive a fully assembled lead, no tools required and ready to use.