200 Amp Welding Lead Extension - #2 AWG cable

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  • Heavy Duty Welding Lead Extension manufactured in the USA with Made in USA Flex-A-Prene highly flexible cable. Cable Size: #2 AWG - 0.418" O.D.
  • This extension has a Male Connector in one end and a Female Connector on the other end. This way it can be used to extend the reach of the Electrode Holder or Ground Clamp leads without moving the welder.
  • Available Connectors: Dinse 10-25, Dinse 35-70, and LC-40 - Choose your option from the Menu ***Please check connectors sizes in the pictures and compare with your Welder and Lead´s Connectors/Receptacles to make sure they will fit***
  • RATED: 200 AMP @ 60% Duty Cycle. ***Please Check you welder´s maximum amperage and look for a cable extension that matches or exceeds that amperage rating***
  • Choose the Cable Length from the Menu. - This price is for ONE (1) Lead Extension, if you need two lead extensions for both your electrode holder and ground clamp, you have to select "Quantity: 2" - These leads are assembled to customer´s specifications the same day the order is received, they are packed and shipped on a cardboard box or a white USPS Flat Rate Package. You will receive a ready to use fully assembled lead, no tools required