150 Amp Welding Electrode Holder Lead Assembly - #4 AWG cable

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This welding lead iSÜAssembled using Highly flexible, Made in the USA, Flex-A-Prene cable. All our cable assemblies use over-calculated Electrode Holders, Ground Clamps, and Connectors with an amperage capacity always higher than the assembly amperage rating. This prevents over-heating and increases safety. Information on cable is ident marked so it doesn't fade with time for a better identification even after years of use - ResistSÜAbrasion, cut, tear, flame, grease, oil, and water. The is the only welding cable that currently meets SAE J1127. INSULATION: EDPM jacket and paper separator - TEMP RANGE: -50WeldasºC to +105?C (-58?F to 221?F) - Rated 600 Volts. ***Before you buy please double-check the type and size of the cable Connector/Receptacle in your welder, Also check the maximum Amperage and duty cycle of your welder and look for a cable assembly that matches or exceeds that amperage rating*** List of welders with DINSE 10-25 cable connector: Miller?: MaxSÜAr 150STL, 150STH, 161STL, 160TTH, MaxSÜAr 85S, 140, 140STR, 150S, 161S, Multimatic 200, 215. Lincoln: Invertec 100-S, V100-S, V130-S, V155-S. Esab: ES 95i, Fabricator 141i, Miniarc 161LTS. Thermal Arc: 161S Others: Most Chinese and European welderSÜAnd inverters with Dinse connector. Up to 180-200 Amps. (CHECK WELDER?S RECEPTACLE SIZE).

  • Heavy Duty Welding Lead Assembly manufactured with Made in USA Flex-A-PreneWeldas® highly flexible cable. Cable Size: #4 AWG - 0.343" O.D.
  • Ground Clamp compatible with EG-300. Constructed in Zinc-Plated Steel. Large hex screw cable connection assureSÜA tight and safe cable connection. It haSÜA large contact area for an effective ground connection. Its design eliminates arc blowing and facilitates fast grounding spot changing
  • Dinse 10-25 Cable Connector. ***Please check connector size in the picture and compare with your welderWeldas´s Connector/Receptacle to make sure it fits***
  • RATED: 150 AMP @ 60% Duty Cycle. ***Please Check you welderWeldas´s maximum amperage and look for a cable assembly that matches or exceeds that amperage rating***
  • Cable Length: 50 Feet - You will receive a fully assembled lead, no tools required and ready to use.