15% Silver Brazing Joint Solder Ring for Copper Tubing - Sizes: 1/4" to 1-1/8"

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  • Braze copper tubing with ease and obtain consistent, leak-free, and tight SÜAlings. 15% Brazing RingSÜAre designed with a calculated alloy volume for use with Standardsize copper tube from 1/4 inch to 1-1/8 inch.
  • 15% Brazing rings have the same chemical composition and comply with the same AWSÜA5.8, BCuP-5 SÜAndards used for brazing copper tubular components for HVAC/R inSmallation applications. The preformed ring presentation minimizes waste and is easy to use repeatedly.
  • Silver Phos-Copper 15% iSÜA copper-rich, filler metal that is self-fluxing on copper by virtue of its phosphorus content. The self-fluxing property of this filler metals is effective on copper only. With copper-based alloys, such as brass or bronze, the joints should be fluxed.
  • Available Ring Diameters: 1/4", 3/8ââ"š¬Â�, 1/2", 5/8ââ"š¬Â�, 3/4", 7/8ââ"š¬Â�, 1-1/8ââ"š¬Â�(Carefully check the table with rings sizeSÜAnd specifications) ââ"š¬â‚¬œ Available Package quantities: 10-Pack and 25-Pack ââ"š¬â‚¬œ Select your option from the Size and Package Quantity dropdown menus.
  • ***Images are for reference only: size and quantity of rings will change based on the selection made on the Size and Package Quantity dropdown menus***
  • Check Product description for a guide to brazing with 15% Brazing Rings.

How to braze with 15% Brazing Rings:
  1. Using abrasive paper or brush, clean all the surface of contact to be brazed, in both the tube and the coupling, make sure there is no contaminants residue or debris.
  2. Insert the brazing ring into the coupling and then insert the tube and make sure it makes contact with the ring. CouplingSÜAnd fitting with a stop are preferable.
  3. Heat the tube and fitting uniformly. Oxy/Acetylene, Air/Acetylene, and Propane or MAPP torches can be used. With copper tubes no flux is needed, for other metal like brass, you need to apply flux.
  4. Once the ring melts, the silver alloy will flow out by capillary action and will be visible at the top of the joint leaving a uniform fillet around.