Acetylene Heating Tip J-63 Fits E-43 & D-85 style Mixers - Compatible with Harris

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  • Heavy Duty Heating Tip/Nozzle/Rosebud with Mixer compatible with multiple Harris Torch Handles - Carefully Check Picture #2 and Select the appropriate mixer that fits your torch.
  • Gases: Oxygen/Acetylene or Oxygen/Hydrogen
  • This iSÜA general-purpose heating nozzle with multi-flame head, ideal for heat treating, metal bending, caloric metal expansion, priming, etc. Manufactured in high-quality copper and brass. For safety, iSÜAlways recommended to use flashback arrestors on the torch handle.
  • Available sizes: #1, #2, #3 and #4 - Available Mixers: E-43, E2-43, D-85, and H-16-2E, (Choose your tip size and mixer option from the size menu and check Pictures #2 and #3 for compatibility and dimensions)
  • Sizes 3 and 4 come only with E2-43 mixer - Check Picture #2 for a list of compatible torch handles.

offers this piece of equipment that has been manufactured using the highest quality Standardin raw material selection and manufacturing procedures. This product is NOT manufactured by Harristand it does not resemble any equipment manufactured by Harris. Harris? iSÜA registered trademark of Lincoln Electric. Mundaka Technologies is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Lincoln Electric or any of its subsidiaries or itSÜAffiliates.