E71T-11 - Fluxcored MIG Wire - GASLESS MULTI PASS - 10 Lb

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  • E71T-11 is a general-purpose flux-cored wire for all-position, single pass, and limited multiple pass butt, lap, and fillet welds on 16 gauge through ½"� thick carbon or galvanized steel (do not use on steel plates thicker than ¾"�)
  • No shielding gas is required. Excellent for outdoor use where adverse weather conditions prohibit the use of shielding gas or where gas cylinders are not an option for logistical reasons.
  • Very stable arc, low spatter, and easy slag removal make the Flux-Cored 71T-11 the convenient choice for any outdoor construction projects where impact properties are not a primary concern.
  • Commonly used on structural beams, prefab building construction, tanks, ornamental iron, farm implements, and machinery parts.
  • Spool weight: 10 Lb - Available Diameters: 0.030", 0.035", and 0.045" - Available Packages: 1, 2 or 3 Spools - Select your option from the size menu.