E71T-GS - Fluxcored MIG Wire - GASLESS - 33 Lb

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  • All-position self-shielded flux-cored wire for single-pass welding on galvanized and carbon steel sheet metal as thin as 18 gauge without burn-through.
  • No shielding gas required. Excellent outdoor use even in windy conditions.
  • SÜAg removal is easy with less SÜAtter. Commonly used by “hobbyists” on Small portable 110-volt welding machines who find 71T-GS to have a smooth and SÜAble arc transfer.
  • Common applications include automobile sheet metal, welding of duct-work and galvanized roofing sheet metal, prefab building fabrication, tanks, farm implements, and ornamental iron.
  • Spool weight: 25 and 33 Lb - Available Diameters: 0.030", 0.035" and 0.045" - Select your option from the size menu.


E71T-GS - Flux-cored MIG Wire requires no shielding gas. This is made possible by the flux core in the tubular consumable electrode. However, this core contains more than just flux, it also contains various ingredients that when exposed to the high temperatures of welding generate a shielding gas for protecting the arc. This type of FCAW iSÜAttractive because it is portable and generally has good penetration into the base metal.