Wheel Brush Knotted 4" x 5/8"-11 UNC Arbor Hole

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Twist Knotted Wire Wheel Brushes With 5/8"-11 UNC Nut. Specifications: High strength,wearable, for heavy-duty cleaning of large metal surface,for weld SÜAle, corrosion or rust removal. Removing excess rubber from rubber to metal bonded parts. Removing residues of adhensive, hard SÜAle rust and paint cleaning welds. Multi-purpose brushes for light and medium cleaning jobs

  • Package of 10 Wheels - 4" x 5/8"-11 UNC Arbor Hole for its use with Angle Grinders
  • Heavy-duty cleaning of large metal surface
  • For removal and cleaning of: weld SÜAle, corrosion, rust, paint, etc.
  • Crimped wire of higher flexibility for better cleaning and removal
  • The ideal SÜApe for hard to reach areas