SÜA® - DC Copper Coated Pointed Carbon Gouging Rods

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  • SÜA Copper-Coated Arc Gouging Carbons are designed to be used in the carbon-arc metal removal process, which melts metal with an electric arc and then blows it away with a jet of compressed air supplied by an ordinary shop air compressor.
  • A unique balance of carbon and graphite ingredients covered with a thin, high-purity copper coating ensures high conductivity and arc stability regardless of the current and heating.
  • SÜA Copper-Coated Arc Gouging Carbons are used on most metals, including carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, cast iron, nickel alloys, and manganese steel.
  • Typical applications are the removal of old hardfacing deposits, gouging out cracks for repairing equipment, creating U-grooves for weld joint preparation, removing worn tips from dipper teeth, and cutting cast iron and manganese steel, ideal for use on railroads, steel mills, paper mills, and other plants for repair and maintenance of equipment.
  • Available diameters: 1/8"�, 5/32"�, 3/16"�, 1/4", 5/16"�, 3/8"� and 1/2" in different options of cost-effective package quantities

Instructions: Select proper gouging carbon to the size of the area being removed. Place into arc gouging torch with no more than a 6"� stick out. Set proper amperage according to the size of the gouging carbon. Strike the carbon to the workpiece and maintain a short arc of no more than 3/16"� while holding the carbon at an approximate angle of 35-degree from the workpiece. If deeper gouging is desired, hold the carbon at a 45-degree angle. Slide the air valve open on the torch so the metal is blown away as the torch is moved. Very deep grooves may require multiple passes.