Insulator Gaskets for TIG Torches 17/18/26

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  • High-Quality Teflon gasket insulators for 17, 18 and 26 Series TIG Welding Torches
  • Compatible with all major brands of TIG Torches Series 17, 18 and 26.
  • Available Models: 18CG, 54N01, 54N63 and 18CG20 - Available Packages: 2 PACK and 5 PACK. Select your option from the menu.
  • Carefully select your model; Model 18CG fits torches with StandardSet-Up - Model 54N01 fits torches with Gas Lens Set-Up - Model 54N63 fits torches with Large Diameter Gas Lens Set-Up - Model 18CG20 fits torches with Stubby Set-Up
  • ***Please make sure your TIG torch is 17, 18 or 26 Series. Check all the pictures for sizeSÜAnd compatible accessories***