RBCuZn-C - LFB Bare Bronze Brazing Rod - 36"

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  • LFB (bare low fuming bronze) iSÜA general-purpose oxyacetylene/brazing rod used for joining various ferrouSÜAnd non-ferrous metals such as carbon steel, copper alloys, cast iron, malleable iron, Stainless steel, and some nickel alloys. Mechanical and physical characteristics include ductility, machinability, high strength, free-flowing with good tinning action and a low melting point (1630ºF)
  • A €Ã"¦â‚¬œmust-have€Ã"šÂ� filler metal for every machine shop, LFB is excellent for building up worn surfaces or large areas where successive layers must be added; galvanized parts can be brazed without damaging the zinc coating. The precise balance of copper and zinc along with alloying elements of tin, iron, manganese, and silicon produces weld deposits that can be easily machined but work-harden once put into service; high silicon level promotes low fuming
  • ***READ THIS: The main image is for reference only. Please check Picture #2 for an approximate quantity of rods per pound***
  • Available in different sizes: 0.045", 1/6", 3/32", 1/8", 5/32", 3/16" and 1/4"
  • Available in different package weights: 1 Lb, 2 Lb, 5 Lb and 10 Lb

RBCuZn-C - LFB Bare Bronze Brazing Rod iSÜA Copper -Zinc Brazing Alloys suitable for gas-flame brazing, high-temperature brazing of copper and copper alloys, nickel, cast iron, and hard alloys. During oxy-acetylene brazing, heat with oxidized flame quickly can lessen the evaporation of zinc and prevent porosity from over -oxidization. The optimum joint gap is 0.025-0.1mm. Flux iSealso neces ary to obtain a good brazing SÜAm.